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Our goal is to ensure you never have to worry about what lawn care services you need.

Dan Florence started a lawn mowing service in 1980 and obtained his insect and weed spraying license in 1984. In 2009, he purchased Scott’s Lawn Service, a Miracle Grow franchise, and operated that company for 7 years, treating lawns with industry-leading fertilizer and weed control products. He sold that company in 2016, but found that his passion for lawn care never wavered. Realizing he missed helping customers in the Odessa, Texas area achieve beautiful, healthy lawns, Dan and his wife, Ginger, created The Lawn Company so he could get back to doing what he loved.

About The Lawn Company in Odessa, Texas

Our goal since inception has been to become comprehensive lawn care specialists whom you can trust to work diligently to attain your complete satisfaction. We offer a custom lawn care approach that lets your lawn dictate what it needs. We will carefully assess the situation and then make recommendations for pest control to handle pests that may be harming your plants, as well as aeration, fertilizing, and weed control, based on our findings. One service rarely cuts it when it comes to getting optimal results. They all work together to create the lush and healthy lawn and landscaping you deserve.

We have also developed a seasonal lawn maintenance program that takes away the guesswork about what your lawn needs throughout the year. We time each service based on the season when our efforts will deliver the greatest results. You get the most from your lawn care investment, and you get the best possible outcome.

With the years of experience that we have in lawn care and our attention to detail, we are confident that we can restore a problematic yard, improve one that could be better, or maintain one in top condition. Isn’t it time you said yes to a thriving lawn? Reach out today to learn more.