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There are many reasons to turn lawn care over to a specialist.

Are you puzzled as to why the lawn at your Odessa, Texas home isn’t lush and beautiful despite your most diligent efforts? Don’t feel bad. Most people have trouble properly timing various lawn care services, using the correct products, and using them properly. At The Lawn Company, we can take away your frustration and replace it with a beautiful and healthy lawn. Our lawn care services are designed to restore a lawn and keep it that way throughout the year.

Lawn Care in Odessa, Texas

Our lawn care services include aeration, fertilizing, pest control for pests that harm your lawn, and weed control, with each service completed during the correct season of the year to achieve optimal results. Through our seasonal lawn maintenance approach, you never need to worry about what your lawn needs. With our complete lawn care service, you handle the mowing and trimming, and leave everything else to us! We can even take care of tree fertilization for you.

There are many reasons to turn lawn care over to a specialist. An optimal result is just one of them. You also won’t need to purchase or store the chemicals your yard needs or invest in aeration and other equipment. You won’t have to give up hours of your free time to deal with seasonal lawn care. In addition, you won’t stand at the big box retailer scratching your head about which products to purchase or try to read that tiny print outlining how to use them.

If you are ready to say yes to a thriving lawn without the aggravation of doing the lawn care work yourself, reach out to us today!


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