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Lawn aeration is the solution for compacted soil that keeps grass from having healthy roots.

Over time, soil becomes more and more compacted. It happens to your lawn as you walk on it during play, entertaining, and mowing. Eventually, the grass can find it difficult to thrive because the roots are fighting against dense soil. The solution is lawn aeration. At The Lawn Company, we offer lawn aeration services throughout the Odessa, Texas area as part of our lawn care service options.


The combination of breaking up the soil with aeration and adding fertilizers that can now soak into where they are needed can create the lush and healthy lawn you deserve. The aeration process offers a variety of benefits, including eliminating weed growth, protecting against damaging heat, building stronger root systems, introducing new grass varieties, and promoting fuller grass growth.

When you contact us regarding lawn care, we do a full assessment to determine which services your lawn needs. We offer aeration, fertilization, weed control, and pest control services for pests that may destroy your favorite garden flowers and plants, and we will advise you as to which of these would be beneficial if you want to say yes to a healthy and lush lawn.

We generally recommend annual aeration and our other seasonal lawn care services if you want to be proactive about achieving and maintaining a beautiful lawn. Let our knowledgeable team develop a custom lawn care solution that best fits your lawn’s current condition and your objectives. We pride ourselves on being punctual, friendly, and helpful. We are confident you will be happy to choose us for your lawn care and aeration needs.