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Don’t run the risks of handling fertilizing incorrectly – trust us to do it!

Can you tell when your lawn needs fertilizing? Is it as lush and green as you would like? Do you wonder if your lawn could be healthier? These are all valid questions that many homeowners in the Odessa, Texas area have. At The Lawn Company, we tend to think that any lawn can benefit from our attention to detail with lawn care services, including aeration, weed control, pest control for pests that harm your lawn, and fertilizing.

Fertilizing in Odessa, Texas

One mistake that many homeowners make is using fertilizers incorrectly. They may use the wrong kind, apply them wrong, or use them at the least beneficial time of the year. We have more than a decade of experience, so we can assure you that we know the ins and outs of proper fertilizing and use only the best products that will produce the results you deserve.

Another benefit of turning fertilizing over to us is that you won’t need to store excess fertilizer and run the risks related to improper storage. You also won’t need to use your valuable time to head to the store to purchase more and be confused by the many options you’ll face. With our experience, we can select the correct fertilizer for the situation and handle the fertilizing at the best time of year to get the lushest and healthiest lawn possible.

Our seasonal lawn maintenance program involves completing each lawn service at the ideal time. You will soon see the results that our complete lawn care process can provide. If you have questions about fertilizing or any of our lawn care services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Say yes to a thriving lawn, and you won’t regret it!