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Let us handle your residential lawn care so you can spend your time on more enjoyable pursuits.

If you are looking for a residential lawn care specialist who fully understands the unique needs of lawns in the Odessa, Texas area, you have come to the right place. At The Lawn Company, we offer seasonal lawn maintenance services designed to restore and maintain the health and appearance of your home’s lawn. We’ll stay on top of your lawn’s condition to constantly provide exactly what it needs throughout the year.

Residential Lawn Care in Odessa, Texas

We offer a wide variety of residential lawn care services, including aeration, fertilizing, weed control, and even pest control for pests that may harm your lawn or landscaping. Our comprehensive approach to lawn care ensures you’ll have the kind of lawn you can sink your bare feet into. Your lawn won’t just look health– it will BE healthy, right down to the strong root system.

If you are tired of struggling to achieve the healthy and beautiful lawn you envision, reach out to us to get started with our residential lawn care services. You won’t have to worry you aren’t using the right products the right way at the right time any longer. You also won’t have to spend time shopping for lawn care products or have extras taking up space in your garage or garden shed. Lawn care just doesn’t get any easier or more effective than turning it over to our professionals. Let our more than ten years of experience give you the results you desire, leaving you with more free time to enjoy the things you would rather be doing. Contact us today to get started.