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Our winter lawn care solutions take into account our local climate.

Your lawn needs different things depending on the season of the year. If you get a bit overwhelmed trying to decide when to fertilize, aerate, or do other things to care for your lawn, the best thing to do is put your lawn in the hands of a professional. At The Lawn Company, we understand the seasonal changes here in the Odessa, Texas area and adjust our services accordingly. For example, we offer winter lawn care solutions that take into account that the winter months have less precipitation and are cooler than the summer temperatures.

Winter Lawn Care in Odessa, Texas

We take the time to assess each lawn to determine exactly what winter lawn care might be needed. We recommend working with us throughout the year because it is important to ready your lawn for the winter to keep it as healthy as possible. For example, aerating the lawn before the grass goes dormant for winter and applying the proper fertilizers can go a long way to having a lush lawn come spring.

We can also address any pests that can hurt your grass or landscape plants. It isn’t always true that pests are killed in the winter, so don’t hesitate to ask us about whether your winter lawn care should include services to reduce the number of pests that could cause damage to your lawn.

If you have any questions about our winter lawn care services or any of our seasonal lawn care options, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.