When I found Dan after experiencing a poor and unknowledgeable explanation of the details of a bid from the national company, it was a pleasure. Dan’s response was quick, and he took the time to visit about my needs and concerns without trying to shove a lawncare plan down my throat. He laid out the options and patiently helped me choose what fit my needs and comfort. Dan is knowledgeable and experienced and LOCAL. I would recommend him to anyone.

- Brady R.

These guys are the best. Punctual, friendly, and fair. I have already recommended and will probably use again.

- Rick C.

Devin Cummings came over and helped me with my sprinkler system with great knowledge and went the extra mile to bring me special parts to complete the job. Great customer service!! Best I have seen anywhere!! Thank you.

- David R.

I love that I have a choice when it comes to lawncare. The lawn company we had before had terrible results, I could never reach them by phone, and we had weeds with their services. The owner of The Lawn Company is so nice and is very knowledgeable about west Texas lawns. After his first application and a little rain, we can see some grass starting to grow.

- Rhonda F.

Quick, friendly, professional contact and stayed in touch about the status of the job, made recommendations for improvement, and completed the job.

- Pamela H.

He’s a very trustworthy professional.

- Ralph H.

He does a good job and is very reliable.

- Danny S.

He is very dependable and trustworthy.

- Monte D.